Ice and Fire, Chaos and Water

“Wild And Strong, You Can’t Be Contained
Never Bound, Nor Ever Chained
Wounds You Caused Will Never Mend
And You Will Never End”

Davy Jones’ Lullaby

The sea is one of the greatest forces our world will ever know. There is nothing stronger than the ocean, nothing crueler than She. On the same hand, one must also come to terms with a key truth: there is nothing more loving and nurturing, nothing more fluid and embracing, than water itself. Water is an element that is two-sided. One seeking to build while the other destroys all in its path.

This is, as I see it, the nature of Chaos.

The verse above, written by Fialeja, is a self-composed song that was written to Davy Jones’s Lullaby. That one part of the song, as stated above, reminds me of Chaos. This primordial force is wild and strong, untempered and unbound. It is a force of life in its most raw, unrestrained form. Yet, on its own, it can only destroy. Chaos, while capable of creation, is too wild and strong, too undisciplined, to create. Like the ocean, it beats upon all in its path and will drown those foolish enough to try and sails its tides.

In many ways, Choas is associated with Ice (one of the two forces which spill into the world around us, a drastic opposite to the flames which come from the other end). The waters of Chaos can be found deep with the Well, cold and churning and constantly cut into the stones enveloping it. Above, there is ice. On the other side, Fire. They clash at the middle, forming mist and water which pours down into the well as Chaos.

In many cultures (including my own), the forces of Ice and Fire, two realms which spill across the fabric of our world, have no name. They are known simply as Ice and Fire, each powerful and deadly and more than happy to end us. Extreme heat and extreme cold will kill all living things.

You freeze to death or burn to death.

Neither are all that appealing, really.

Yet Chaos is channeled, brought up from the Well into our world and further up into the Heavens. It is tamed through one medium, the World Tree, and tempered by fire before it is sent skyward as a force of creation. Chaos rises up from the Well, altered by a scared, holy flame (which I named Awen, for reasons that will be discussed in a different post) within the World Tree and turned into Creation. Pressing on either side of the World Tree is Ice and Fire, both seeking to, I presume, destroy the World Tree.

Why? I haven’t the faintest idea. Beings outside of this realm don’t think like humans do, nor do they reason like we do. Forces of nature will do what forces of nature will do. They will destroy and create, locked within a never-ending cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. In this way, I know Creation, in all its glory, is brought back into the World Tree and returned to the Well.

In this way, Creation, in all its glory, is brought back into the World Tree and returned to the Well. The cycle repeats. Ice and Fire, Water and Well, Tree and Sacred Flame; these are three things which are constantly feeding off one another like a snake eating its own tail, forever spiraling in a circle of fluctuating power.




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